Antique LICENSE PLATE North Carolina 1919 28-947 Very Good Condition June 30th

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“very nice”

This is super scarce 1919 North Carolina license plate. It is large size measuring 15 by just under 6. I believe the original color was black with white but the white has turned a slight greenish tint from age. I believe all is original as where it is worn is bare metal beneath. The paint has a small alligator skin finish from age. The plate has 4 round holes one at each corner, and 4 almost 1 slots further in from corners. There is an extra hole punched at bottom left corner, and looks like 3 bullet holes on the number 4 (interesting). there is a bit of light rust more on the back side than front. Also the edges have a few small bends most notably top right corner. I have made no attempt to clean this and it does have some barn dirt, dust, and the tiny white streaks are most likely insect poo. Sorry but I"m not about to damage this original patina and leave the cleaning to an expert, hopefully. Just in case you can"t see the # is 28-947 with the NC monogram and 6-30 1919. Email with questions or comments and thanks for looking.

Sale Price: US $40.00