Antique NJ 1946 Auto License Plate JT 780 Postwar paint shortage

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Antique NJ License Plate 1946 - Tags still suffering from World War II Paint Shortages
Very Good as can be expected for paint which did not readily shed stains
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New Jersey NUMBER: JT 780 COLORS: Black on Straw or Light Buff
YEAR: 1946 SIZE: 6½”x10¾” TYPE: Steel Good Condition
Right now I’m offering our extensive collection of Auto License Plates, at least one or every year – some states had more than one type or size. The display started with the earliest – except for ‘do-it-yourself’ plates made of leather, wire grids, or wood to display the state-directed numbers. Those rare Owner-Made tags were extremely hard to find four decades ago, and more so today – even then we were unable to find one for each of those years. All such plates are extremely valuable, and we were honored that many owners loaned them to us for display. Needless to say, we returned those at the end of the Bicentennial period!
We show our NJ licenses just for identification. Not for sale at this time, but we thought they would be of interest you. The QQ series was reserved for Antique Cars, in this case a 1920 Model Autocar Truck with 1920 Tangley Calliope, our Parade Vehicle which appeared in well over a hundred parades in several states, and in the second Godfather movie where it was filmed in NYC (sans calliope). The Courtesy Plates and Autocar are not for sale, but we thought you might like to see them.
Physical shape Good Condition on one except for dull wartime holdover glossy paint shortage which did not repel stains and rust. paint top bolt slots which is not unusual. We"d guess this was on a car used for Car-Pooling!
Probably issued in Hudson County, which we think had plate numbers starting in H, I and J. That"s because they had so many vehicles; Essex had E and F. Unlike my Morris County, which was then designated V because there were too many NJ Counties starting with the letter M. Later on, Morris County Senatorial Courtesy Plates started with L. Go figger - but that"s how I got LEE 1.
This license plate was for a car registered in 1946. Standard NJ size and colors for that year – Now called Straw background, then Buff background, Lettering in Black -same as the longtime and current 6” by 12” NJ licenses.
---Lee Munsick
I have been an ardent collector most of my lifetime, in many fields: Recorded Sound, Motion Pictures, Radio, Television, Stage, Antique Automobiles and License Plates, Mechanical Music, Thomas Edison, and San Francisco. Now Charlotte and I are selling collectables from all.
It was not easy to accumulate a complete run of New Jersey automobile licenses from their onset up to the new national 6x12” standard in the 1950s and beyond. My collection was displayed on the walls of Yesteryear Museum outside Morristown, along with a different group of sample plates for the Bicentennial Year 1976 - at least those from states which issued such, and didn’t charge a fortune – most states proudly sent theirs proudly and gratis!
When we moved to Florida, the plates were in several heavy movers’ boxes, which were mixed in with scores of others for the move. It wasn’t until after we had changed from one storage place to another that we discovered that the movers brought only one box to us – infuriating, but too late to do anything about it! We have dozens of plates and will be offering many more plates from the start into the mid 1950s, when the new national standards set in. Keep watching!
----Lee Munsick
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