Barn Find 1971 Matching Oregon Licence Plates

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“These plates are in near perfect condition meaning for being 46 years old the one plate is still has its original glossy shine to it . On plate #1 has some paint missing from the bolt hole from being installed on that same plate in that corner is dented a little from someone over tightening the mounting bolt other than that great condition. Plate #2 right hand top corner als

If someone is restoring a car from 1971 these plates would look amazing and being near as I can tell these plates were only tagged one time these are a barn find plates . The two plates are in near new condition if not for how someone mounted them to their vehicle and causing some damage as I disclosed in the condition part of this selling process. Being that these plates are 46 years old one of the two plates one of them have the factory glossy look still on the plate .

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