BARN FIND1889 1939 WASHINGTON Golden Jubilee License Plates PAIR Planter

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Unusual find. This is a Whitman County Farmer find. Years ago when the old car was at its end the license plate became a planter box or something to hold the nuts and bolts. The pair of Golden Jubilee plates are tacked to the old boards. They are a pair! P-1589. They are attached by six small nails. They have little dings and bends but have been preserved. Amongst the original paint is some minor surface rust. 
Most of our parts are cleaned and or washed with out destroying their antique or original value! We do this for two three very good reasons:
1 Uncover damage, which dirt, grease and corrosion hides.
2. You get to see there fullest unrestored potential and so you will know wether they match your skills.
3. Save the mess. Open it on your kitchen table! We want your wife to be our allie.
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