BUY ALL @ 10. 37 EACH. MISSISSIPPI LICENSE, and 78 others. Statia, USVI, NWT.

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That is 10.37 per plate including postage at the starting bid price . *dislaimer
ALL OVER 3 years old.
Post to USA only ( no offense to overseas collectors. but the US Post Office has made it difficult and expensive to ship overseas- and Fed Ex, well you could buy a flight to Houston and pick them up yourself for the same price.) , or pick up in HOUSTON.
These are for the most part higher quality plates from my master collection that I now have back in the USA so that I can sell it much easier . I am selling them now on ebay. About 400 in total, if anyone copnsiders buying the entire lot.
IN THIS AUCTION, YOU ARE BUYING all of these plates in the photos. These include, other than the obvious USA plates, some from Curacao, Peru, Venezuela, Saba, St Eustatius ( including the white souvenir plate) and others. How many do you see that are worth less than ten bucks, and how many do you see worth MORE ?
Please look again and count up the value of all these plates in your head, some of which are not easy to find.
Any license plate dealers out there ? Please keep an eye out for the next lot of plates on ebay. Anyone near or passing through Houston?
BTW, just in case anyone cares, I have saved, since 1979, many ALPCA, NPCC, NILPS and other paper information regarding license plates, information , photos, business cards and letters of some of the prominent notable individuals in the hobby, DMV literature from many jurisdictions, automobile licensing paperwork, like titles, licenses, some newsletters from obscure defunct small clubs to still current larger worldwide clubs, Neil Parker"s RPW, and much more cool and interesting stuff. Perhaps there are folks out there interested in such memorabilia. These are presently listed on ebay. look for them. Again, anyone near, or passing through Houston ?
Thank you . EC

Sale Price: US $799.09