CALIFORNIA Lipstick style License Plate --- Your choice

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ONE CALIFORNIA license plate. These are mostly Rear Stickered license plates which are in very good++ to excellent (couple of fronts also). You may choose any of the license plates that are shown. I will update the listings often to show those that have been purchased. In most cases to most purchasers, it doesn"t matter which plate is sent. If no selection is made, to avoid confusion, I will send a similar plate since I have quite a large inventory. Please check the picture carefully since the ones shown are the ones you will receive.Plates are in fair to good ++ condition. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I again do combine shipping and being that the Free US shipping is offered I will discount - 2 plates for $14.99 - 3 plates for $21.99 - 4 plates for $26.99 and 10 plates for 49 BUT please contact me PRIOR to purchasing so that I can send to you an offer.
All licence plates offered are expired and are sold as collectible, hobby or souvenir items and never for display on any type of motor vehicle. All buyers must agree to not misrepresent their intent in making this purchase and further agree to not misuse this license plate in any way that will violate any state, federal or local laws, statutes and/or ordinances. Plate/s are over 3 years old.
Check out my other auctions. I do combine shipping to save costs.
NOTE: United States Shipping costs will be FREE First class mail OR $3 extra for priority mail. --- WORLDWIDE $8 First Class which is below actual costs. If interested in a few plates email me for a price quote.I will gladly combine shipping for multiple items won, but PLEASE wait for me to send you an invoice if you have won more than one item. If you pay for multiple items individually, I will NOT issue refunds to reflect combined shipping.Payment ( in USA funds ONLY!) due within 10 days of auction close, unless other arrangements are made. Any payments received in non-USA funds will be returned, and will cause your shipment to be delayed.Accepted payment methods: check, M.O., or cashier"s check is preferred. I do accept paypal but I do not like their fees.
Once again - I gladly combine shipping. If you won an item and you see a future item you wish to bid on, notify me. I will hold payment deadlines until that time..
Thanks for looking! Plates offered:6 YFD 885 7 DHY 450 7 EUB 8816 YFD 885 7 DHY 742 7 EUZ 1426 ZWB 539 7 DJZ 904 7 EYY 9286 ZVW 554 7 DKA 791 7 EYZ 1066 ZGM 171 7 DKA 791 7 EZY 6597 AYX 068 7 DXY 933 7 EZZ 5667 AVY 760 7 EBU 323 7 FSY 5877 ALP 959 7 EBU 452 7 GBZ 5907 AFG 199 7 GDG 6557 AFG 137 7 FYZ 5877 AFJ 138 7 FTZ 5877 AFG 970 7 FYY 5867 AJX 287 7 FYY 2287 AKH 432 7 FTZ 7937 BOY 428 7 GJK 2087 BOY 429 7 GJK 2087 BOY 411 7 GJM 6797 BOY 453 7 GNZ 0107 BOY 453 7 KML 8377 BOY 997 7 KTL 4197 BPY 113 7 KUP 4277 BKH 2257 BKY 1037 BKY 742
I will leave you positive feedback soon after payment is made! I do not make you leave me positive feedback first. I do this because I believe an initial feedback is a thank you for your purchase. It frosts me when a buyer wants your feedback first. Aren"t they confident enough in their product? A Buyers responsibility is to pay for the item in a timely manner and a Sellers responsibility is to deliver a great product, in that order. Therefore, feedback should be left in that order. FREE! Sellers: Add a FREE map to your listings. FREE!
The US Postal Service has changed all it"s rates both domestically and worldwide. It has drastically changed the rate structure for worldwide rates. It no longer charges the same rates to each country even within the same continent. Flat rate envelopes range from $31 in most European countries to $34 to Australia and parts of Asia. Flat Rate boxes from $67 to $76. It has even changed it"s First Class rate structure. PLEASE email for costs overseas.

Sale Price: US $8.59