California License Plates 1968 1969 YoM PWW 556 Black Match Pair Set Clear

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“Both plates have bright contrasting colors and shiny finishes which make them hard to photograph.”

California License Plates Black
1968 or 1969 Register Yo M PWW 556
This is yet another set of original, not restored, not repainted (or even touched up) classic 1960"s California Year Of Manufacture black & yellow plates we are currently offering here on Grandma"s Attic Store.
Guidance on how to register these is available at the very bottom of this section, which is based on my research and provided as a courtesy only.
Both plates have bright contrasting colors and shiny finishes which make them hard to photograph.
Front plate has a rough finish but is very shiny. Plate is straight with no rust.
Back plate has some rough finish areas, a couple of scratches in the P, W and 5 and very slight bends near the two bottom bolt holes. The 1968 and 1969 registration stickers make these plates eligible for registration on a 1968 or 1969 year model car through the California Year of Manufacture program.
Please review the photos closely as we consider them as part of their description, it is not my intent to omit anything. If pictured, license plate frames are not included.
Return Policy: We will accept AND PAY for returns within 30 days ONLY if we failed to describe or provide photos of any cosmetic or structural damage OR if CADMV rejects these plates from being registered to a 1968 or 1969 classic car via there Year Of Manufacture program.
These ship FAST and FREE!
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How to register these through California"s Year of Manufacture Program:
1. Purchase license plates form a reputable seller (like me) that are the appropriate base plate colors and alpha numeric sequence for what you want to register them to, black & yellow base plates with AAA OOO format for passenger vehicle (car). Make sure they areCLEAR before you buy.
2. Call California Department of Motor Vehicles 800/777-0133 to run plate number. DMV CLEAR means that the plate number is no longer in the California Department of Motor Vehicles" (CADMV) system. CADMV periodically purges their computer files to remove all plate and VIN numbers that have been inactive for 8 or more consecutive years.
3. Take a close up color picture of the front plate and of the back plate, print two copies.
4. Go to, complete reg352 form Application for YOM Registration, print two copies.
5. Go to Online Services and make an appointment.
6. Keep one copy of the completed application and one copy of the photos for your records.
Bring to your appointment:
1. Completed and signed reg 352 form Application for YOM Registration (original)
2. $45.00
3. These awesome license plates, one with the appropriate YOM sticker
4. The printed color photos or color photocopies of these plates
5. The original pink slip to your classic car
6. The current or most recent registration paperwork of your classic car
7. The current Proof of Insurance card
8. The current license plates on your classic car. If they are vanity plates then make sure the DMV clerk is aware and does not try to confiscate them...those stay with you.
The DMV clerk will prepare your application package and forward it to Sacramento Special Plates Division.
DO NOT surrender your YOM plates, they belong to YOU and that"s why you provided photo copies. Make sure you get a receipt for everything else and make sure you are issued temporary paperwork so you don"t get pulled over for having no displayed license plates. CADMV will send you your new pink slip, a new month sticker, a current year sticker and TWO metal tabs to install onto your YOM back plate.
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