California License Plate Red Month Sticker Tag YOM CA

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Month California License Plate Red Registration Sticker Tag YOM CA
YOM License plate month sticker, no need for the extra tab to be added to your license plate.  See the pictures. 
Nice and clean look, Sold as an automobile enthusiast. This is not legal but I wanted a clean look on my plate.  It"s easily explainable to the police, if you want the same look for your classic car.
What"s legal is; to place the YOM tag on the correct side that it was on when it was issued (license plate) and then add the month tag sticker to the other side. Then you would add the new tag to the tab you would add to the License plate hangs off one of the corners as seen in the last picture.  To me this didn"t look good on the 60"s vehicles it might be ok for the 50"s models.
If you"re willing to try something new; You can add the new tag to the opposite side of the License plate and add the little month sticker right next to the new tag. The new tags are a little smaller and they fit perfect next to each other in the indented part of the plate.  
  $2.00 each with free shipping.  Let me know what month you want!

Sale Price: US $2.00