California License Plate I SELL LONG BEACH Sanford Real Estate

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Many have heard the legend of Walter Sanford. Maybe the greatest Realtor of all time. Broke, he dominated the Long Beach real estate scene. He gained national recognition in the 80’s, was invited to speak at every event in the 90’s and is now wealthy from his real estate investments, speaking and coaching some of the top agents in the world. This plate has been knocking around the back warehouse for years. ISELLLB, is for I Sell Long Beach and it graced Walter’s Rolls Royce as he crushed the real estate completion. Later it was kept as a memento, but know it should be on another Realtor’s car. Maybe some of his competition in Long Beach might want it, heck it would even work in Laguna Beach. Whatever your use it has famous provenance and is in mint condition. Buy a legend.

Sale Price: US $68.00