Connecticut Vintage License Plate- Nov. 1989 - 146- FCB

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“Dented and doesn't lay flat. Acceptable to good condition. Please see pictures since I am unsure of how to grade this. Some speckling but it looks like paint.”

Connecticut vintage plate
Nov. 1989
I am unsure of how to grade this since it is a plate. Doesn"t look like there"s any rust but the plate is pretty dented. It doesn"t sit flat on the table. Curled part on the lower right which bends all the way back. There"s speckling on it but it appears to be similar to gold paint. The C is losing some of its white color and the rest of the letters may be disclored or have other issues where the white isn"t perfect. 
 Please see the pictures. Will ship in an envelope w bubble wrap. First class. 

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