CURVES - California-issued real car license plates (2: front/back)

One-of-a-kind opportunity to acquire the plates/rights to issued California "CURVES" environmental/personalized license plates. If you own a Curves business, the plates can enhance your advertising & marketing (and may be a business tax deduction); or, if you just like the plates, then here"s your chance. Includes 2 plates (front & back; back has DMV stickers but will require Buyer to re-register). Seller will transfer the plates to Buyer via DMV form following payment. Purchase price is to acquire existing plates only and does NOT include Buyer"s DMV fees (as if [re-]registering new/existing personalized plates). Seller confirmed with DMV that it is permissible to sell these plates/rights. NOTE: These are REAL California-issued license plates that you can put on your car (with re-registration); they"re NOT fakes/props.

Sale Price: US $499.00