Custom California Vanity License Plate - Novelty Only

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This 6 x 12 custom full size plate, is made for car show vehicles not operated on the highway. Additional sizes are available in my store (bicycle, motorcycle, golf cart, power wheels and RC/model car sets) and their dimensions and prices are found in the listings. The list prices for all sizes includes your choice of 1-2 lines of text in the body of the plate (up to 17 characters per line, space permitting). *Material description of the plates can be found at the end of this page.
Your personalized text is printed in UPPER CASE, in a font resembling the colors/shapes used on the actual state plate design, (unless requested otherwise in the special instructions section of the order form). Digital embossing is used on the inscriptions unless the actual plate used flat lettering.
We offer modifications for many of the plate designs (adding images or changing header or footer text)...please ask for confirmation of any modifications you require before purchasing. All plate images show four hole marks for realism...and only the upper holes are punched for mounting on the full size plates (unless requested otherwise when purchased).
A preview of the plate will be emailed 1-2 days after may land in your spam/junk folder. Please confirm that the preview shows the correct design and text requested. If we have no confirmation by day 4, your plate may ship without confirmation.
*The novelty plate is not metal or solid plastic (styrene or PVC), it is a digital image, printed, trimmed and bonded to a thin, coated composite backer board then sealed in 10 mil industrial grade UV resistant plastic laminate which protects the image from scratches.
The image is clear, precise and colors don"t bleed together...unlike the ink sublimation process which turns the ink into gas when heated and applied to the aluminum.
The durability of my plates have been tested under all weather conditions and last for years when mounted using my supplied o-rings as instructed.

Sale Price: US $17.99