Expired License Plate, TEXAS TRUCK, # 22F * PF7 Lone Star State (2009 )

Nothing like finding old items, never used or else very, very lightly used, in storage! (I have found a number of license plates that would bring back memories for someone.) This license plate has a completely new appearance. I see no signs that it was ever used. I am not an authority on Texas plates, but seems I recall that around the time from 2006 to 2010, Texas plates stayed on the vehicle for as long as two or three years and that this particular colorful design is from about that time. This plate probably expired about 2009, give or take a year or two.
Genuine Expired TEXAS Truck License Plate (Year 2008 or 2009 era)
# 22F * PF7
At age 77, I am offering for sale quite a number of items I have collected and enjoyed over many years. My prices will start pretty low. If you have questions, please feel free to send me a message. Thank you!
NOTE: Over the past couple of years, postage rates have gone up quite a bit, and I now ask the buyer of a collectable license plate to pay part of the costs of packaging and postage, I thought that only fair. I will pay the remainder of the shipping costs.

Sale Price: US $4.25