Florida Highway Patrol Front USA FLAG License Plate POLICE SHERIFF State Trooper

Here"s a great obsolete FL FHP front plate. Unused condition, one scratch bottom right corner, see pic. This is a real plate that was only used for a short time because they did not hold up well in the sun and heat. Yes it"s plastic, yes it is 100% authentic. Thanks for looking! These plates are at least 3 years old to comply with policy.
This plate is more than 15 years old and does not resemble any currently used govt plate. Cannot be used on any vehicle.
Shipping: $6.95 1st class, $8.95 priority boxed (USA). Each additional plate = $1 extra. Int"l- $26.50 priority, $14.60 1st class (slower). Canada - $22.50 priority, $9.75 1st class (slower). 

Sale Price: US $65.00