Genuine 1975 OKLAHOMA IS OK Auto License Plate # CLL - 7257 Never Used, New

Nothing like finding old items, never used, in storage! (I have found a number of license plates that would bring back memories for someone.) This unused plate from 1975 is still in new condition, about as good as any you are likely to find of this age and type.
Genuine 1975 Oklahoma License Plate
Plate Number CLL - 7257
A personal note: I live on a farm in Kentucky, but over the years have collected lots of items that were of interest to ME. Now, at age 77, I am offering quite a few items from my collections to others who might possibly be interested in having them. There will be several dozen collectable license plates from several different states. Most of my prices will start pretty low. If you have questions, please e-mail me.
NOTE: As a result of the increases of postage rates over the last couple of years, I now ask the buyer of a collectable license plate to contribute toward the costs of packaging and postage, understandable I hope. I pay the remainder of shipping costs.

Sale Price: US $4.00