Genuine 2006 FOREST License Plate, ALABAMA # 42L1 007 (Unused)

Nothing like finding old items, never used, in storage! (I have found a number of license plates that would bring back memories for someone.) This unused plate from 2006 still appears to bein new condition. (Probably intended for use on a logging truck. Sometimes truck owners display their plates in the rear window of the cab, where they retain their new appearance, since not exposed to weather or grime.) Very, very slight signs of age and storage, looks virtually the way it did when issued more than 10 years ago. This plate expired in November 2006 This plate is characterized by the typical Heart of Dixie emblems that have been used in varying forms on Alabama license plates for quite a few years now.
Genuine ALABAMA FOREST License Plate
Number 42L1 007
Expired in November, 2006
A personal note: I live on a farm in Kentucky, but over the years have collected lots of item that were of interest to ME. Now, following my 78th birthday in August, 2016, I will be offering quite a few items from my collections to others who might possibly be interested in having them. Among a variety of other interesting collectable items will be several dozen collectable license plates from various states. Most of my prices will start pretty low. If you have questions, please e-mail me.
NOTE: Postage rates have increased steadily in recent years. I now ask that the buyer of a collectable license plate contribute part of the costs of packaging and postage. (I pay the remaining costs of shipping.)

Sale Price: US $3.50