Hawaii 2007 license plate NND-732

“excellent condition for a plate that was used from 2004-2007 in the Aloha state. in particular, Honolulu. Small specks of rust leeched from the screws onto the plate but those spots are easily covered up.”

See above. This plate drove the entire width and breadth of Oahu (and some on the mainland, but that"s a different story). And a few other places off road now that the statute of limitations has passed.... Bring back the memories or create new bucket list items: cruising down H1 to Waikiki townbound or taking H1 past Waipahu, past Barber"s point and then taking Farrington Highway all the way to Kaena point. Or cross H3 to Kaneohe and cruise up the windward side to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Or driving up H2 past Wahiawa to end up at Haleiwa and the North Shore. All this and more for the price of a plate. (HINT: Click Buy Now)

Sale Price: US $3.99