Hawaii ALOHA STATE RAINBOW License Plate Licence Anniversary gift

“Overall very presentable, but two distinct rust spots, some discoloration and part of the year tag is coming off (see picture)”

Fellow Ebayers - for your consideration is an excellent condition Hawaii License plate. This would make an excellent gift for those: --whose initials are MKS or --who had a special occasion in Hawaii in December 2003 (the date of the tags) --who had a special event in Hawaii in June 1993 (936 on the tags) --who are collecting all 50 states and are just missing the last state to join the union (Aug 1959, thank you very much) --who need to fill just that spot in the Diva Den or Mancave to balance out something else--who want a mental break but don"t want that long plane ride...
From the initials and numbers, we know it"s an Oahu plate (we lived in Honolulu when we got the plate), from the sticker we know it"s a rear plate and from the hologram (02) we can doubly confirm it well past the age of consent as promulgated by the ALPCA (Automobile License Plate Collectors Association) and Ebay standards that a license plate must be at least three years old. But don"t let its appearance fool you, this thing drove almost around the entire island of Oahu. By design and out of respect for Hawaiian culture, there is no connecting highway around Kaena point.
Other than that, this thing has driven all around Honolulu, up Farrington Highway right to Kaena point, across H-1, H-2, H-3; been to Hanauma Bay more times than there are fingers and toes on any average 747.
It"s a real testament to Made in USA quality that the paint survives such direct, tropical sunlight and survives so well.
Take a mental break everytime you look at it - click the buy it now and Hawaii can be right in front of you (or at least a part of Hawaii)

Sale Price: US $17.00