License Plate, Idaho, 1986, Limited, Truck, JF 0252, Graphix

“This Plate: PG: - -Mint/Unused Categories: M=Mint, NM=Near-mint, U=Unused Not Near-Mint - - E=Excellent, VG=Very Good, G=Good, PG=Pretty Good, AG=Average Good, A=Average, A- =Worse than Average, P = Poor PLEASE USE ZOOM TO CONFIRM CONDITION”

Condition: PG, Gr8 Pl8! Plate is older than 3 years.
THURSDAY NIGHT: Variety is the Best Policy--All different types of plates--All 50 states+++, check out
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Alabama Dealer, Alaska Occasional, Arizona Taxi, Arizona RV, Arkansas Truck, California Exempt, California Fish & Game, California Cotton Farm Trailer , Colorado Motorcycle Dealer , Colorado Mobile Home, Colorado Collector"s Series, Connecticut Municipal , Delaware Replacement (Riveted), Florida Environmental, Georgia Hobby: Antique Vehicle, Hawaii Fleet, Idaho Limited, Idaho Use Fee, Idaho Utility Trailer, Illinois Special Event, Indiana Historical, Iowa Recessed Lettering (Antique), Kansas Truck, Kentucky Kids, Louisiana Tractor, Maine Vanity, Maryland SAMPLE, Massachusetts Commercial, Michigan Ham Radio Operator, Minnesota Native America, Mississippi Armed Forces, Missouri Bus, Montana (University), Montana Bicentennial, Nebraska Centennial, Nevada Arts, Nevada NILPS, New Hampshire Passenger, New Jersey Equipment in Transit, New Mexico ALPCA, New Mexico Off Highway, New York Medical Doctor, North Carolina Cereal, North Dakota Official, Ohio Autism, Oklahoma Motorcycle, Oregon Public Utility Commission, Pennsylvania Booster, Rhode Island Combination, South Carolina State Senator, South Dakota Handicap, Tennessee State Parks (Vanity: Ozone), Texas Combination, Utah Olympics, Vermont Trailer, Virginia Lighthouse, Washington Apportioned, West Virginia County, Wisconsin Dual Purpose Farm, Wisconsin Bicycle, Wyoming House Trailer, Aruba Vanity Souvenir, Aruba Metal Tab, Manitoba ORV (Off-Road Vehicle), Haiti Transport, Panama Transmovil
Condition: Please look at the picture carefully & ZOOM in, since my opinion may vary from yours or others. I also rate my plates: 1. Unused: M = Mint, NM = Near-mint, U=Unused (not near-mint 2. Used: Ex = Excellent, VG = Very Good, G = Good, PG = Pretty Good, AG = Average Good, A = Average, P = Poor. Sometimes I rate between as well: AP = (Average Poor). G-AG (Good to avg.good)
About My Ebay Site: I try to specialize in more current U.S. plates. I try to have all 50 states available individually with a good percentage of graphics plates. But I do try to list unusual plates, specialties, vanities, and a few older, foreign plates and anything else I can find that is interesting. I try to list a variety of qualities to reach out to all types of collectors.
Ebay’s Shipment Policy for me (the Seller) : Ship next business day once paid to keep Top Seller Status. Combined Shipping: I always try to keep shipping at a minimum. There are a few variables: Flat aluminum plates weigh the least. Aluminum plates are slightly more, then there are various weights for steel plates—can be a lot more for older plates. As of 2016: Usually 2 plates ship for $3.60. 3-12 plates ship for $6. Sometimes I can get up to 16 plates if some are flat—that rate is $6.50. International buyers have a 4 pound limit, so I usually can get in 10-12 plates for $33.
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