LICENSE PLATE CRAFT LOT Kansas Nebraska Wyoming Montana Washington WI MO

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Good colorful mix of plates up for grabs here. Some are nearly mint (or are mint) such as the Wyoming, the Nebraska truck, the KS sunflower. Others have heavy wear and scuffs like the Nebraska sunset plate. All the others fall somewhere in between. Great lot of cutting up, turning into birdhouses, or whatever else you"d like to do with them (other than putting them on your vehicle)!
Plates will ship as soon as possible, I"m a college student so I won"t be able to mail items every single day, but will usually make a few trips to the post office each week.
Buy 3 lots and get $5 back, 4 lots and get $10 back, buy 5 and get $15 back, etc.!

Sale Price: US $0.01