License Plate Craft Lot Kansas WV NC Texas Wyoming Ohio Arkansas Hawaii Nebraska

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Another great mix of plates here. Ranging from mint & brand new, to very well used and roadkill. States include Ohio, Texas, West Virginia, Utah, Nebraska, Wyoming, Missouri, Arkansas, Oregon, Hawaii, Kentucky ( one that says TIFNY2, TIFFANY possibly?), and many Kansas plates, including the sunset vanity that says RGR6860, possibly RogerĀ 
47 plates by my count!
Shipped economically because it is free! Plates are as is, all expired over 3 years to comply with regulations.
Price is barely $2 per plate! Even less when you factor in that I"m paying for shipping! Great for resale, flea markets, antique malls, thrift shops, crafting, birdhouses, barn decorating, etc.

Sale Price: US $95.00