License Plate, Wyoming, 4 (county) bucking bronco 5W (small 2 digit#) cf. NOTE

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“This Plate: AG: - -Mint/Unused Categories: M=Mint, NM=Near-mint, U=Unused Not Near-Mint - - E=Excellent, VG=Very Good, G=Good, PG=Pretty Good, AG=Average Good, A=Average, A- =Worse than Average, P = Poor PLEASE USE ZOOM TO CONFIRM CONDITION”

Condition: AG (2 scrapes at the right), Gr8 Pl8! Plate is older than 3 years. NOTE: 5W (2 digits) is small number for the 4th largest county.
Condition: Please look at the picture carefully & ZOOM in, since my opinion may vary from yours or others. I also rate my plates: 1. Unused: M = Mint, NM = Near-mint, U=Unused (not near-mint 2. Used: Ex = Excellent, VG = Very Good, G = Good, PG = Pretty Good, AG = Average Good, A = Average, P = Poor. Sometimes I rate between as well: AP = (Average Poor). G-AG (Good to avg.good)
About My Ebay Site: I try to specialize in more current U.S. plates. I try to have all 50 states available individually with a good percentage of graphics plates. But I do try to list unusual plates, specialties, vanities, and a few older, foreign plates and anything else I can find that is interesting. I try to list a variety of qualities to reach out to all types of collectors.
Ebay’s Shipment Policy for me (the Seller) : Ship next business day once paid to keep Top Seller Status. Combined Shipping: I always try to keep shipping at a minimum. There are a few variables: Flat aluminum plates weigh the least. Aluminum plates are slightly more, then there are various weights for steel plates—can be a lot more for older plates. As of 2016: Usually 2 plates ship for $3.60. 3-12 plates ship for $6. Sometimes I can get up to 16 plates if some are flat—that rate is $6.50. International buyers have a 4 pound limit, so I usually can get in 10-12 plates for $33.
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