License Plate, Rhode Island Wave, ALPCA, cf. NOTE, Motorcycle, # 108, 2004

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“This Plate: M-NM-: - -Mint/Unused Categories: M=Mint, NM=Near-mint, U=Unused Not Near-Mint - - E=Excellent, VG=Very Good, G=Good, PG=Pretty Good, AG=Average Good, A=Average, A- =Worse than Average, P = Poor PLEASE USE ZOOM TO CONFIRM CONDITION”

Condition: M-NM: Gr8 Pl8! Plate is older than 3 years.
Motorcycle ALPCA NILPS Madness! ALPCA plates are not DMV issues but are for display and collection purposes only. They are highly collectible due to low issue numbers and great graphics. Here"s your chance to bid for 1 week to get a Motorcycle plate auction for $14.99 or more. Next week they will change to Buy It Now for a higher price. Good Luck!
Condition: Please look at the picture carefully & ZOOM in, since my opinion may vary from yours or others. I also rate my plates: 1. Unused: M = Mint, NM = Near-mint, U=Unused (not near-mint 2. Used: Ex = Excellent, VG = Very Good, G-VG = Good to Very Good, G = Good, G-AG = Good to Average Good, AG = Average Good, A = Average, AP = Average Poor, P = Poor.
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