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Insurance is included in shipping cost.
If you don"t intend to pay for this if you win, please hit the BACK button and don"t even go any further.
This is a group of 12 old license plates dating from 1990"s to the 2000"s.
Some are in decent shape, some have wear, some have more wear, bending, etc, etc, etc, but they"d look cool on any wall!
I"m using the postage calculator on this, and sometimes it charges too much for postage. If you win, expect to pay whatever it states in the auction, and after it"s shipped I will try to catch it if there is a substantial difference. If I don"t please contact me.
See my other auctions for all kinds of weird junk! Please ask before the auction ends if you have ANY questions!
Please read the info below, if you"re fairly easy going, reasonable, responsible, and willing to pay me if you win, it probably doesn"t apply to you.
If you"re one of those folks who regularly goes to restaurants, eats the whole meal and then complains about it so that you can get a percentage off of your bill, then it might apply to you.
And if your spouse curses loudly at the waitress even after you get the discount, it definitely applies to him/her too.
If you do not intend to pay me within 48 hours please contact me, I"ve had several non-payers lately, so I like to know that I am going to get paid. If you"re not going to pay at all, then just hit the BACK button and don"t even go any further.
All of my auctions start and end on Sunday nights (unless I goof), and anyone who pays within 24 hours will have their packages shipped Tuesday morning (unless I goof). Anything paid after that will go out as soon as I get the chance, depending upon when I get the payment, my work schedule, etc. With gas prices rising special trips to the post office cost me more and take time away from other things.
Because of an incident in the past I feel I should state the obvious: If it isn"t pictured, mentioned in the auction, or alluded to in ANY way, don"t expect to receive it. This seems ridiculous to have to say, but I got a negative for not throwing in a bunch of extra stuff, lol. No I"m not kidding...While my general return policy is NO RETURNS, I am VERY easy to work with and if I"ve made a mistake I will fully cover it, and if you just aren"t satisfied I will work with you as best as I can. I believe I describe my items as well as I can, and if I make a mistake I will cover it.
Well about once every 2 years I run into someone completely unreasonable on here, this last one was one of the worst. Please read the auction and look at the pictures. if it"s not mentioned, pictured or alluded to in any way, it"s probably not going to be in the auction. If you have a problem with what you received, please contact me, but please don"t get nasty in the 1st email before I even get a chance to figure out what the problem is. Getting nasty, lying to ebay and in feedback is childish, and in the end won"t get you anywhere. I am so easy to work with when the person on the other end is reasonable, but when I get called deceitful for sending them exactly what was bought, well, it kind of takes the fun out of this.
I have always had great feedback and will do my very best to work with everyone. But the changes made a while back have given those people out there with no communication skills a right to kill. I received some feedback quite a while back from people who, if they had contacted me first, there wouldn"t have been a problem. One person even waited a week to pay me, then complained with feedback that I was slow in shipping when I had shipped the day after receiving payment. One fellow complained of broken pieces when I had actually just put some extra pieces in that weren"t included in the auction in case the buyer could salvage something. That"s the payment for trying to be nice I guess.
In a nutshell, if you receive something from me and are unsatisfied, please just talk with me. Sometimes emails don"t find the person they are sent to, so even call if you need to. I am not a cranky person, but I"m getting there slowly as bad policy and bad communicators are hurting my selling reputation. Thanks for your good communication in advance.

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