License Plate, New Mexico, 1912-2012 Centennial, NKK Zia 144

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“This Plate: G: - -Mint/Unused Categories: M=Mint, NM=Near-mint, U=Unused Not Near-Mint - - E=Excellent, VG=Very Good, G=Good, PG=Pretty Good, AG=Average Good, A=Average, A- =Worse than Average, P = Poor PLEASE USE ZOOM TO CONFIRM CONDITION”

License plates are 3 years or older per Ebay policy
Condition : G
Unused: M=Mint, N=Near-Mint, U=Unused (plates unused but not mint or near-mint but < condition)
Used: E=Excellent, VG=Very Good, G=Good, AG=Average Good, A=Average, AP=Average Poor, P=Poor
(Note A-AG = Average to Average Good, G-VG = Good to Very Good)
This Plate: NOTE: ALPCA plates are not DMV issues and are for display & collection purposes only. Also Note this plate like many ALPCA plates have pictures of stickers not actual ones
About My Ebay Site: Please check out all the items in my Ebay Store (lpgolfer619). I sell license plates, license plate letters, and license plate letters made into signs (custom orders for your name or business, etc.) I specialize on having license plates from all 50 states. Lots of specialties, vanities and unusual license plates. I try to offer various conditions, for the serious collector and for the novice or a collector with a strict budget. Feel free to ask for something you collect—a slim chance that I may have it!
License Plates : NOTE: Illinois Special Event plates are only valid 60-90 days for your car, then they are for display and collection purposes only.
Condition: Look at the picture(s) carefully and ZOOM in for details. Look at the description of the condition or email me if you have any questions or need additional pictures.
Pricing: The price you pay is for the price of the plate, shipping and sales tax if applicable (and duty for international buyers). Price can be negotiable—I sometimes can come down a few dollars depending on how long the listing has been on Ebay and the cost. Sometimes I can’t reduce the price but feel free to email me or make an offer regardless. I will usually try to respond but generally don’t respond to very low offers (i.e. don’t expect a response if you offer $20 for a $100 plate).
Shipping: I ship next (or same) business day when possible. I usually do not ship on Saturday (i.e. late Friday purchases usually ship on Monday). If you are trying to save on shipping per license plate, I recommend buy 10-20 plates so I can combine shipping. My site automatically charges $1 shipping for each additional plate after shipping for 1 plate. If you are buying more than 5 or 6 license plates, your shipping will probably be more than necessary, so if your shipping charge is more than $8 you will receive cash or a Paypal refund for the difference. I use a legal sized flat rate envelope so if 1 or more plates are 14 inches or longer, they may have to be shipped separately so you may not see those savings. 12” license plates apply for the shipping discount.
International Shipping: I currently use Global Shipping so I cannot combine shipping through this program. So, there are 2 ways to reduce your shipping costs.
1. Tell me the listings you are interested in and I will total the price of those plates and I will list the special order into 1 listing and 1 package. I’m not sure of the shipping costs since depending on country, shipping fees differ, and duty does as well. But there is no need to send 10 packages at $30 shipping per plate! There will be one charge for shipping and duty (versus 10 charges if purchased separately).
2. Ebay’s easier suggestion is to purchase each item then cancel each item. I won’t be able to combine shipping, but I can open a new listing with those items and cancel the individual purchases you made. If you pay $100 for 9 plates, I will not be able to lower the value—you will need to pay duty on the $100 amount.
License Plates Signs : License Plate Letters, or Letters used to make a sign
Check out my Ebay store for signs and letters that are available for purchase. Or you can purchase the letters you want and mount them the way you want. Letters are $3 per letter plus shipping. Special Order signs are $4 per letter and are mounted on wood. If you want certain colors or states I can accommodate you, but there may be an additional charge.
Making a Sign—The Process: Say you have a common name that is spelled differently: Rebecca/Rebekah spelled Rebecka. 7 letters times $4 per letter. $28 plus shipping. I will pull those letters and edges and send you a picture of the letters. If you like how it looks purchase the sign. I will make the sign and send it next business day.

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