LIVE, Low Number Delaware License Plate - 6295

Delaware tags are considered by Delaware vehicle owners to be investments.
Delaware was the first to reach statehood and now enjoys a fairly unique collecting opportunity. It is also a small state with a limited number of registered vehicles. The law allows citizens to keep a registration number active indefinitely. As a result, license plates, particularly those with low numbers in any series, are actively traded. For example, plate number 14 recently sold for $325,000! Needless to say, value is in direct proportion to the number. Two and three digit tags sell for six figures, four digits sell between high 4 and 5 figures depending on the number. Repeating or alliterative numbers command a premium, e.g., 1212, 3333, 2909, etc.
The plate offered is a mid range tag, the 6,295th plate issued since plates were issued in the first state in the Union. I purchased it in 1997 and, despite a very weak market, it has not only held its value but increased significantly. Of course, much of the fun is in displaying the tag but as I have recently been issued special handicap plates that link to the underlying original one shown, I feel its time to let someone else enjoy the prestige.
It"s opened at a reasonable price well below market value. Just remember it has value ONLY to a registered Delaware car owner! I will transfer the tag to the prospective owner at either the Sussex or Kent County DMV office.
Questions welcome!

Sale Price: US $7,500.00