Lot C Illinois Dealer License Plates Low Number Crafts BUY BY THE PIECE $5 EACH

Quite a few people have asked about how to go about buying plates from my lots. My apologies for not making it clear.
If you want just one plate, use the BUY IT NOW and let me know which one you want. To buy multiple license plates from my listings:
Plates are $5 each. If you would like more than one plate from a specific lot, enter the quantity of plates you wish to buy next to BUY IT NOW.The lots are labeled A-J. After you are done with placing your order, please indicate which plates you want from each lot in a message.I will offer free shipping for all purchases 10 license plates and up. Please wait for me to send you an updated invoice for combined and or free shipping. Once you pay, I assume the transaction is complete and is OK to ship.Once plates are sold, they will be marked with a SOLD image.
Be aware that these are USED license plates. They have been exposed to the elements, road wear, storage etc. There WILL be dings, dents, rust, waviness, scratches, fading, staining etc. Some plates are a bit rough, some are obviously nicer than others. What you see is what you get.
All of my license plates have been expired a minimum of 3+ years and cannot be used on any vehicle without approval from your state"s department of motor vehicles. Some states do allow the use of antique plates for year of manufacture classic cars. I will not be responsible If you are unable to use any of these plates on your antique vehicle.
The license plates you see in the picture are the ones you will get. Tape measures included in the photos to show approximate size of the sign and or license plates and are not included with your purchase.
You will pay no more than $10 for shipping no matter how many license plate lots you may end up winning (USA ONLY!). Please wait before paying if your invoice does not reflect the shipping discount! Once you pay, I will assume you already got your discount and will process your order. Please be aware that any sign that does NOT cost $6 in the shipping charges will not be eligible for the flat shipping charge. These signs are as follows: Guard Fence (P121) No Dumping (S1) Slow Kids (S2) Regency Dr (S3) and Knol Decorating (S4)

Sale Price: US $5.00