Lot Of 10 Nebraska/Kansas License Plates! Four Pairs

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“All the plates are used and/or at least three years old. They have some minor damage due to age but her overall in good condition no holes. View pictures for more details”

You"re bidding on a lot of 10 mix state license plates. They are a great lot for A collector or crafts! Included is four pairs from Nebraska that are all different styles and 2 singles of different styles from Kansas. One of the pairs is a farm truck dated June 2009. Next is also a farm truck plate pair dated January 2005. Next is the Nebraska farm truck plate dated October 2000. The last Nebraska pair is a commercial truck plate that is dated both October 1998 and 99. The two Kansas plates are dated 95 and 93 one is a farm plate. I am a collector myself but I"m in college so I"m downsizing my collection. Please ask me any questions you may have and feel free to check out my other listings. 

Sale Price: US $15.00