Lot of 13 Vintage License Plates-Mixed States;MI, IL, NY, FL and 1-Cycle Plate

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“In excellent vintage condition-with some rust and bends”

Offering: Lot of 13 Vintage License Plates; Mixed States and Dates, 1-Cycle Plate. Included are:1-Michigan Cycle, last tag dated 19901-Gold Plate & Blue Writing- New York-no date or tag1-Purple Plate & White Writing-Illinois-19641-Blue Plate & Yellow/Gold Writing-California-last tag dated 7/19911-White Plate & Green Writing & Orange State-Florida/Sarasota-last tag dated 11/1989 1-White Plate w/Blue and White Horses & Blue Writing-Kentucky/Jefferson-last tag dated 5/1990
1-White Plate & Blue and Red Writing-Illinois-19761-Dark Blue Plate & Yellow Writing-Michigan-19671-Maroon Plate & White Writing-Missouri/Trailer-19871-Pure Michigan-last tag dated 12/20141-Maroon Plate & White Writing-Michigan-1969 1-Green Plate & Yellow Writing-Michigan-19681-White Plate & Black Writing-Georgia-1988

Sale Price: US $15.95