Lot of 40 Mixed Sates License Plates Vintage CA CO FL IL IN KS ME MI MO NM NY SC

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Nothing says MANCAVE like vintage license plates! And this lot has a lot to offer! Included are 40 license plates from several different states and years. There are a ton of nice ones in this lot. Awesome kick-start collection for a new collector, or a beautiful addition to an established collector"s collection. This takes up quite a bit of wall space (min. 20 sq. ft) and would be a unique way to decorate your art-deco or retro style restaurant or business. I have personally sold license plates to some restaurant chains in the Chicagoland area, and this is what they are after! All 40 plates have been meticulously and individually cleaned. All dirt, grease, grime and oxidized paint has been completely removed and they all have a nice clean gloss! Ready for display! Don"t let someone else beat you to the punch!
All of the license plates are expired, with the most recent tag (2009) expiring well past the minimum 3 year threshold per regulations.
Great lot for those who are beginning a license plate collection.Outstanding opportunity for crafters who make art from old license plates. Superb lot for bird house roofing or other crafty ideas.Some plates will have bends, dings, dents, scratches, holes etc.. Some of them are actually in pretty good condition.
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