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Minnesota License Plate, circa 1983, in EXCELLENT condition. Navy Blue embossed text on white and green graphic background. 10,000 Lakes slogan. RKG.-996. This is a 100% REAL AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL DMV never Issued EXPIRED 6 x 12 full size license plate.
American license plates carry with them incredible pictures for each of our states, but often they disappear when the cars are sold, junked or otherwise instead of being cherished like the vibrant picture postcards they truly are. Emblazoned with their honored graphics, boastful mottos and vibrant designs, these plates can become one of the best exceptional gift ideas for friends, relatives, clients, co-workers, or perhaps to round out your own cherished collection. Some use them to decorate their bedrooms, basements, bars, restaurants, dorms or schoolrooms. Imagine hanging them in your own locations! They created great memories, now you can have them for your very own!

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