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This plate is over three years old and can therefore be sold on .
This is a c 1998 Alaska State Senate License Plate.It is in Mint Condition by ALPCA Standards. See Picture For Details.
Shipping is in addition to winning bid. $5.00 first class insured. $7.00 Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.
Below is a brief description of how I grade my plates. Mint: Perfect, New Unused condition Near Mint: Possible slight manufacturing defect or very slight defect Excellent: Marks at bolt holes, slight imperfection Very Good: Marks at bolt holes or other minor scratches or scuffs Good: Marks at bolt holes, scratches, minor missing paint, light sticker damage Fair: Missing paint, possible bends, possible surface rust,sticker damage Poor: Missing paint and or metal, rust through, severe damage Needs Restoring: Massive damage throughout Professional Restore/Repaint: Plate looks new or mint but has actually been repaired and repainted to like new condition Amateur Repaint: Plate has been repainted but the paint is over any imperfections Plates graded with any two grades are somewhere between not quite as nice as the higher grade but not quite as low as the lower grade
ALPCA Member in good standing since 1963 plate plates

Sale Price: US $100.00