Mixed License Plate Lot, 15 Plates: Delaware S. Dakota W. Virginia N. Carolina

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Mixed License Plate Lot, 15 Plates, 13 States 
Idaho, 2011: 8B-GN035
Delaware, 1995: 920500
South Dakota: 2WF-845
Texas, black & white: BTS-6830
Texas, red, white & blue: BD6-M035
Colorado, 2003: KAT5629
West Virginia, 2015: 5NC-964
Washington, 2014: ALD7060
California, 2014: 5WUU360
Missouri: 691-YSE
Missouri, 1989: XJH-750
Kentucky (6000): 4632-AP
North Carolina, 2015: EF-9498
Alabama, 2008 (18000): 61-0069
Illinois (apportioned): P707593
Show Me State
Evergreen State 
Wild, wonderful 
The Lone Star State
Great Faces, Great Places
The First State
Scenic, Famous Potatoes  

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