My Wrin Myron Wisconsin Personalized Car Truck License Plate Custom Vanity Tag

Old License Plate
Plate is from 1990 and over 3 years old per guidelines.
Plate is in good used shape.
This is a real plate, not a reproduction.
I read MY WRIN as “Myron” or Miren, Myrin.
Nice item for Myron and / or the license plate collector.
I have a few more collector license plates for sale.
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I have a 8x40 shipping container and 3 storage units full of junk from the last 40 years that I am trying to get rid of. I will post as much as possible in-between my search for a job (out of work).
The stuff I’m selling is used and has been in my storage for sometimes up to 40 plus years and will have dust, grease, dirt, and dirt dauber nests.
Thank you for taking your time to look and please checkout my junk page “Vintage Gun Rifle Pistol Fishing”.
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Sale Price: US $29.95