Nevada License Plate Embossed Raised Letters With Sticker 2015 Version

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All plates are expired 3 years ago already.
Please Check the pictures be careful and Judge yourself, you"re going to get what you see en the photos.

Sometimes the Tags are better when you look with your eyes face to face.
The tags have scratches or light bents that don"t show in the photos, also you have to clean very well the tags to look more nice, I always try to take photos in different angle so you can see the imperfections.
Some tags are unused and almost mint condition, but some tags are used and have chip marks, scratches, bents, and plates are not always straight, please keep in mind the photos don"t always show, that"s why you have to check very well and make zoom in all pictures.

If you have questions, always welcome.

Thank you for looking at this Add and check my others tags, car emblems, etc... on sale.

Sale Price: US $10.99