New Hampshire Antique Green 1968 License Plates Low Number 420

“Small scratch on one of the plates, goes to bare metal. No rust or other corrosion. Some small bending on outermost corner edges and normal expected wear. Otherwise completely usable.”

Pair of matching New Hampshire 1968 automobile license plates, with the low and fabulous number 420, issued for antique cars. Whether you are a classic car buff with a penchant for cannabis, or just a lover of antiques and weed, these are a must have. I"ve enjoyed them while I"ve had them, now it"s time for them to get rolling down the road again. Please feel free to hit me up with questions.
If you are only a classic car owner looking for antique plates, and you don"t understand the implications of 420, please familiarize yourself with the term before purchasing. You should understand the full scope of love and admiration that will inevitably be headed your way because of these plates. There"s no getting around that you will be perceived as marijuana-friendly. If you"re not ok with that, respectfully, these aren"t for you.

Sale Price: US $395.00