New Mexico learn license plate painting for all states The professional way

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No Gimmicks, true facts to restoring license plates as I have done 13 years for myself and folks like you who wanted a great looking job. It can be very hard to do good jobs on plates Unless you know my way. I do them faster, less cost, better looking then almost all restored plates out there. It is fun , soon you"ll be able to do plates for other folks. Believe it, you can do a license plate for about 5.00 for everything you need on the average.
Hello, my name is Ken. I have been repainting over 3,000 license plate since 2002 for my collection and for other folk needing nice painted plates for their old cars and collection. I no longer do plates but I would like to share with you the fastest, easiest, cheapest, best looking plate painting. It"s fun and if you like you will find plenty of folks to do their paint jobs.
I have a couple picture here showing how I remove paint to do the job. You will need to know a few facts and then you""ll be doing plates fast and easy. Other pictures are are to show you haw nice they look what"s involved in my technique and some of my plates I have painted.
I have a booklet for $24.95 that will give you the information you need to do great plate painting
I have sold over 130 booklets and soon I will stop selling my books at 200 sales.
Try your luck, well worth the money.
Thanks, Ken

Sale Price: US $24.95