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Maryland MD
License Plate
Orange & Black NOS
~~~New Old Stock~~~
Great For Your Collection
From The Good Old Days
When License Plates Were Made Of Real Quality Metal.
They Weigh 9 3/4 Ounces
These items were sourced from R.J. LOOCK which was a Baltimore Institution when it came to Automobiles. They operated at the same location : 339-345 N Gay st from 1913 until the neighborhood declined and the last heir retired in 2001. They were not your ordinary cookie cutter automotive parts store like you see today. They were parts distributors as well as jobbers for their own LIGHTNIN Parts line as well as for most of the top brands of the day. They sold: Auto supplies, Replacement parts, Garage equipment, Shop equipment, Tires, Tubes, Oil, Grease, Accessories and they even had a Complete Machine Shop. This may not sound different from an auto zone except Loock was responsible for placing products such as Champion Spark Plugs, Quaker State and Gates belts (to name a VERY few products) into EVERY private and municipal garage that used them in a 5 state area. long before the internet and trade shows, these guys were road warriors that sold stuff the hard way on a massive scale. As the 22 floors of samples that they left behind will attest .............................. thats right ........................... I said 22 FLOORS of Samples! R.J.Loock tried to sell ANY quality product that they thought had a chance . Of course, as jobbers they were responsible for placing advertising in the businesses that they catered to as well.
We were lucky enough to purchase salvage rights to this little treasure trove earlier this year. There was no working elevator and the buildings were 4 floors tall with a basement ................................. and they NEVER threw ANYTHING of value AWAY! It took us 2 months full time to sort through and we are just now starting to offer what we have found. If you like high quality out of the box advertising as well as MINT automotive related collectibles, please bookmark us and keep checking back. I think you will be in for a treat.
If you are a beginning collector, theres stuff for you too. They had a habit of nailing signs around to cover holes and such so we will be offering those as well.
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May Fit and/or is Compatible with: Auburn, Austin, Buick, Cadillac, Checker, Chevrolet, Chevy, Chrysler, Cord, Crosley, DeSoto, Dodge, Duesenberg, Durant, Ford, Frazer, GMC, Graham, Graham Paige, Henry J, Hudson, Hupmobile, Imperial, International, Jeep, Kaiser, Lafayette, LaSalle, Lincoln, Marmon, Mercury, Metropolitan, Mopar, Nash, Oakland, Olds, Oldsmobile, Packard, Pierce Arrow, Plymouth, Pontiac, Rambler, Roosevelt, Studebaker, Stutz, Terraplane, Whippet, Willys. Dump, Semi, Tow, Fire, Pickup Truck, Ambulance and Bus. Autocar, Beiderman, Brockway, Chevrolet, Diamond T, Dodge, Federal, Ford, Freightliner, Fruehauf, GMC, International Harvester, Kaiser, Kenworth, LaFrance, Mack, Meteor, Navistar, Peterbuilt, REO, Seldon, Studebaker, White
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About Us
Architectural Rescue is a different type of recycling company. We have operated in Baltimore and surrounding areas since 1996. After starting out rescuing fireplace mantles and cast iron door locks from construction dumpsters, we have opened our eyes to many types of waste that are overlooked and often fall through the cracks. Our focus is, and will always be vintage items of the highest quality. All of our items are salvaged and are for the most part American made. One week we could be in an old school, the next week a factory, and the following week a Shipyard or Power Plant. One day we may be removing Vintage lighting, the next Signs and Vintage blueprints, and the following day we clean out the Machine shop and parts crib.

We literally have NO idea what we have coming around the corner, so make sure you add us to your favorites and check back often . ALSO, check out our sister site MDindustrialsalvage for items of a more industrial nature.
We are not a non-profit, but prefer to call ourselves a VIRTUAL non-profit. You can help us change that by purchasing our finds from our store, and bidding vigorously on our auctions. With your support, it will better enable us to track down historic job sites to salvage before it"s to late.

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