New York Vanity License Plate (WARNING! Do NOT Google RARE JAV while at work!)

“Very Good Minus”

That"s right, folks, there is NO NEED to Google Rare Jav, or even the simple word JAV - I have already done it, simply because I didn"t know what on earth it meant. Well, now I do. Let me put it this way: If you want to buy a really neat license plate that somehow slipped past the New York DMV"s exhaustively meticulous Committee on Banning Offensive And/Or Suggestive Words & Phrases From Vanity Plates, you have come to the right web page......But if you decide to click on any Rare Jav links that come up in search results, that is probably the WRONG web page for your employer to find in your browser history. (Just saying.)We are happy to sell you this plate, but please try not to hand it to Grandma, and ask her to Google it.Priority Mail shipping is a low $4.99 in the US.YES, we combine shipping costs! Just go ahead and buy all you like, and we will send you an adjusted invoice, or else we will pay a REFUND to your PayPal account BEFORE shipping the package.For shipping to other countries, please contact us for price.

Sale Price: US $20.99