Ohio Vintage/Antique Motorcycle License Plate 1971 V 1931

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A used motorcycle license plate. Year: 1971 Number: V 1931. Area around the mounting holes is very warped. Please consider the following!ATTENTION BIDDERS: PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE BIDDING!
1. Each of these plates was removed from a motorcycle, so it has been USED. Being a USED plate it will come with normal wear and tear. Each plate I have contains WORN PAINT around the mounting holes and the lettering. Each plate HAS CURVES AND BENDS in it. None of them are flat, since they were on a bike for at least one year.
2. I HAVE NOT ALTERED these plates in any way. The way I take pictures of them is the condition I found them in. I have NO REASON to alter these. I CANNOT POSSIBLY PHOTOGRAPH EVERY POSSIBLE BLEMISH or IRREGULARITY. If you have a question or you are unsure about a plate PLEASE MESSAGE ME for an answer. I can take more pictures if you need them.
3. I HAVE NOT TOUCHED UP THE PAINT. If the paint has been touched up, then it was done by my father, who had the plates on his bikes during that year. I am not trying to misrepresent anything. If you feel I am misrepresenting the plate then PLEASE DO NOT BID! DO NOT WASTE MY TIME AND MONEY AS RETURNS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! This is an auction, not window shopping.
4. The envelope that the plate is in MAY OR MAY NOT BE THE ORGINAL ENVELOPE. My father kept every plate off of his bikes but he did not keep every envelope. SOME of the envelopes match SOME DO NOT.
5. Finally, it must be reiterated that these are USED and sold AS IS with NO RETURNS! I am simply selling these plates as part of the estate. I am not an antiques dealer whatsoever.

Sale Price: US $8.00