Oklahoma Undated (2012 to 2014) Motorcycle License Plate - 5K2467

“Unused (Excellent+) as per ALPCA guidelines.”

Secondly, this IS the plate that you will receive – not one with a different serial number or “similar to” the one scanned.
This is an undated (2012 to 2014) Motorcycle Base. The condition is Unused (Excellent+), refer to the picture. The size is 4 1/4 x 7. This was during an era where the passenger plates were quite different from the non passenger plates. Note that OKLAHOMA has the extended K and the connected MA as the archer design did unlike the state bird design.
What man cave, bar or diva den would be complete without an unusual Oklahoma plate on the wall?
You might ask why are Oklahoma plates rather difficult to find: (1) the population base is smallish at 3.7 million (2) there are 860 vehicles registered per 1,000 residents (3) they are one of just 19 states that issue plates as singles (4) therefore Oklahoma plates are only 0.83% of the plates issued in the US each year. Additionally residents of Oklahoma have a tendency to not move out of state. So unless you are in Oklahoma or one the bordering states then you just do not see them on the road with much degree or regularity.
Shipping to the US is either $3.90 for a first class package or $5.60 for priority mail. Yes, I will combine multiple winnings into one package. I will ship worldwide; natch the postage will be not the same.
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I am retired and ship PDQ when your payment arrives. I prefer PayPal.
The first plate that I sold on Ebay was on 12-17-96, so I have been around the block a time or two.

Sale Price: US $3.75