Old 1909 New Jersey NJ Porcelain License Plate Antique Automobile Car Tag Black

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Phenomenal Gloss. Shiny bold black and white with NO color fading. Certified Makers Number 2-014 Nontransferable tag not even tarnished. All original hardware on back is present and holding tag in place. Top left mounting hole has a chip above it. Right mounting hole has a much smaller one. Four notable stone chips along bottom, a few others are quite negligible. Minor edge wear along top rim. No rust. Perfectly straight plate, no bends or warping of the shape. Mark on back is clean and legible. HORACE E. FINE, ING-RICH (INGRAM RICHARDSON) AUTO TAGS, TRENTON, N.J.
Measures 13 1/4 wide by 6 1/16 tall.

Sale Price: US $394.99