Orig 1972 BC Utility Trailer License Plate British Columbia # 430713

Just picked up a very nice BC License Plate collection. Will be listing them over the next few days or so. Original 1972 British Columbia Utility Trailer License Plate. It is number 430713 and is totally untouched. The paint is completely original. Condition is good to very good. Approx. size is 5 and 1/4 inches high by 7 and 3/4 inches across. Please wait until the INVOICE is sent to you. SHIPPING COSTS will be determined after I know where I am sending the item. The $5 shipping fee is only displayed because without a shipping amount the item cannot be listed (IGNORE the $5USD). Again, wait until INVOICE is sent. If you have questions with regards to shipping costs then please email me prior to bidding !!!!!!!! I charge EXACT SHIPPING COSTS AND NO MORE. If Paypal is being used then anything over $100 USD in value has to be trackable. Yes this gets expensive but I don’t set the postage costs. You can also use Visa or Mastercard through the Commandpost store (250 – 383-4421) to pay postage and have it non trackable then usually the costs are significantly lower. For example a $250 medal to Britain thru Paypal trackable would be about $50 USD. If by Visa and not trackable it would be about $7 USD. Please use common sense. Obviously a large heavy or more valuable item is going to cost more to send so please take that into consideration when bidding. If you have a question please ask before bidding. Shipping thru Paypal (trackable) items over $100 USD to Europe will be approx. $45 - $50 USD. Large and heavy items are more. Shipping without tracking will be $6 - $8 USD unless larger and heavy then more. Shipping to US & Canada if trackable and over $100 USD value then approx. $12 - $25 USD. It is more if items are heavier. Shipping without tracking to US and Canada $3- $5 USD unless it is larger and heavier. Canadian residents to pay all applicable taxes. BC 12% <<< GST 5% & PST 7% = 12%
Ontario 13%
New Brunswick 13%
Newfoundland 13%
Nova Scotia 15%
All others in Canada 5% Overseas buyer to pay actual shipping costs. WE PREFER Visa or Mastercard over Paypal. Phone Number (250) 383 – 4421

Sale Price: US $6.99