Orig Pair Of Matching Yukon Territory License Plates 1959 Orig Paint # T1 - 948

Just picked up a nice British Columbia, Canada license plate collection. Gorgeous original pair of matching 1959 Yukon Territory Truck license plates. They are number T1 - 948. The plates are totally unmessed with and have been in the family for decades. All of the paint is totally original. Condition is mint unused. Approx. size is 6 inches high by 12 inches across. Please wait until the INVOICE is sent to you. SHIPPING COSTS will be determined after I know where I am sending the item. The $5 shipping fee is only displayed because without a shipping amount the item cannot be listed (IGNORE the $5USD). Again, wait until INVOICE is sent. If you have questions with regards to shipping costs then please email me prior to bidding !!!!!!!! I charge EXACT SHIPPING COSTS AND NO MORE. If Paypal is being used then anything over $100 USD in value has to be trackable. Yes this gets expensive but I don’t set the postage costs. You can also use Visa or Mastercard through the Commandpost store (250 – 383-4421) to pay postage and have it non trackable then usually the costs are significantly lower. For example a $250 medal to Britain thru Paypal trackable would be about $50 USD. If by Visa and not trackable it would be about $7 USD. Please use common sense. Obviously a large heavy or more valuable item is going to cost more to send so please take that into consideration when bidding. If you have a question please ask before bidding. Shipping thru Paypal (trackable) items over $100 USD to Europe will be approx. $45 - $50 USD. Large and heavy items are more. Shipping without tracking will be $6 - $8 USD unless larger and heavy then more. Shipping to US & Canada if trackable and over $100 USD value then approx. $12 - $25 USD. It is more if items are heavier. Shipping without tracking to US and Canada $3- $5 USD unless it is larger and heavier. Canadian residents to pay all applicable taxes. BC 12% <<< GST 5% & PST 7% = 12%
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All others in Canada 5% Overseas buyer to pay actual shipping costs. WE PREFER Visa or Mastercard over Paypal. Phone Number (250) 383 – 4421

Sale Price: US $49.99