Polar Bear Northwest Territories NWT Canada RCMP Police 1973 License Plate Cops

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Hi there,
This is a very collectible Northwest Territories Original License Plate from 1973. This Canadian plate is from the Northwest Territories in Canada. It is the famous polar bear shape and is on the white background again for 1973. The first plates in 1970 were blue and then the 1971 were white background and 1972 blue again and for 73 back to white.
This plate also celebrates the Royal Canadian Mounted Police centennial from 1873-1973. It says RCMP Centennial 73 in yellow on it. The numbers 4-649 on the plate are in dark blue and Northwest Territories in dark blue. Yellow and blue outline of the polar bear. (649 is a unique number as in Canada 649 is a major lottery here)
It meets all Ebay requirements of being at least 3 years old etc.
This license plate is in good condition for it"s age.
Some wear on it with heavy wear around the bears feet. The number 9 is scratched pretty good and some wear on the first 4.
The white background is fairly good on the bear but is scratches here and there. and the numbers, name, RCMP etc. are all in fairly good condition but do show wear, good for it"s age, shows some wear around the letters numbers, scratches etc. Please see photos for condition and judge yourself.
This plate is fair to good condition for 1973. Plate is generally straight with no heavy dings or chips out of outline of the bear other than the wear around his feet, crease at his front foot close to mounting hole. I would rate it about a 5-6 out of 10. Nice addition to your collection and rarely seen.
Shipping is $12.00 within Canada or to the U.S.A. and overseas is $25.00
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Sale Price: US $50.00