Porcelain CONRAD REDSKINS WILMINGTON DELAWARE High School booster license plate

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Thirty day fixed price listing.From 1940s, and guess how we know? Same size e-x-a-c-t-l-y as those Delaware 1940s porcelain license plates. Namely, nine-and-one-half by five-and-one-half inches. That is way beyond mere coincidence. This school"s address is 201 Jackson Avenue in Wilmington Delaware.
Excellent porcelain gloss.Conrad"s mascot Redskins was under consideration in 2015 for retirement, due to ethnic reasons. Current owner is not aware of where that process is, at this time. If a viewer knows what new mascot identity was ratified, please send that information along to seller, and seller will post it as a Q & A. Yippie.
No extra holes.No touch up.This was a Hershey mega swap event acquisition for current owner several years ago, probably close to ten years ago. Seller didn"t then know what to make of it.
As found, as acquired, as is. Anyone activating a transaction must be prepared to go forward with payment. No do-overs.USPS parcel tracking number is included in S&H. This transaction will occur as a USA domestic deal (no direct shipping to buyer outside USA, sorry). Full disclosure, this seller can get to the post office on Fridays and Saturdays, and no other days of the week.

Sale Price: US $150.00