RARE Delaware 4 Digit RV Tag Still Active

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Just reduced starting price by $1,000!!  RARE active Delaware 4 digit RV tag.  Good until May 2017.  Delaware is one of only a few states that lets you keep and/or sell your license number/plate.  Low numbers are rare and therefore in demand.  Since it is still active, must be picked up and registered in Delaware.  Good condition, see pictures for actual item.  Any questions, please ask!  I am selling this for a friend who just lost her husband.  Delaware was the first to reach statehood and now enjoys a fairly unique collecting opportunity. It is also a small state with a limited number of registered vehicles. The law allows citizens to keep a registration number active indefinitely. As a result, license plates, particularly those with low numbers in any series, are actively traded. For example, plate number 14 recently sold for $325,000! Needless to say, value is in direct proportion to the number. Two and three digit tags sell for six figures, four digits sell between high 4 and 5 figures depending on the number. Repeating or alliterative numbers command a premium, e.g., 1212, 3333, 2909.  My friend has had this plate many years, and despite a very weak market, this plate has not only held its value but increased significantly. Of course, much of the fun is in displaying the tag.  It"s opened at a reasonable price well below market value. Just remember it has value ONLY to a registered Delaware RV owner! I will transfer the tag to the prospective owner at either New Castle County DMV office.

Sale Price: US $1,400.00