REPRODUCTION. . . . 1909 Connecticut License Plate, Porcelain-Look . READ DESC.

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This plate is all that. In other words, it"s not genuine, just porcelain look-alike. It"s made in Thailand of a thick IRON sheet, scales 1:1 (actual). Anyway, It"s better than nothing.
REMARK: All the repro. plates offered are not perfect. Whatever marks (if any) appear on plates may caused by bad originals, printing, coating, or even intended to make it that way to resemble plates of their ages. So, please look carefully as photos are part of the description. What you see is what you will get.
Dear license plate collectors,
Please understand that I didn"t mean to contaminate this hobby with all these reproductions. I"m also a collector and had been an ALPCA member for almost 30 years before I quit in 2012. I originally had these made for myself, but iron/aluminum sheet measures 4x8 ft. so more than one of each type were made in order to save cost per unit. Anyway, I normally don"t have many duplicates made, just one or two for the same number of each type. Some of the authentic plates are almost impossible to get or afford so why not having the reproductions, at least for the time being. This is what I think.
I also do made-to-order plates (flat plates only), send inquiry.
My plate reproductions are intended to suit the need of normal collectors who want to have hard-to-get plates to be represented in their collections. Therefore, for those purists, please stay away and do not interfere with my right especially with rude words. I did and will not do anything wrong. I never cheat anybody. Please respect others" right. I will make some rare embossed plates soon and that will be harder to differentiate fake and real ones. However, the word REPLICA will be marked on the back of plates, one way or another.
Got these messages ......and a few more.
New message from: gatsby--- (1,638) I"m sure you family is proud of you. You are greedy and selfish putting this fake garbage into the community for your own gain. The sooner you are off the better it will be for all real collectors inside ALPCA and out.
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New message from: kope---- (9,324) Dude. You"re an embarrassment. 110%. Get a fucking real job...making weak $ off cheesy replicas that beginner collectors who don"t have a clue...that"s your goal obviously... Thank fucking the fake god you are at least acknowledging they are fake pieces of shit made by migrants. Great idea by 1 moron to negatively effect real people...real pure collectors....your call...your idea...your conscious. Just letting you know.
New message from: kope2112 (9,422) You"re weird.
I won"t waste my time to reply.
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