REPRODUCTION. . FAKE, 1909 Missouri (St. Louis) License Plate , must READ DESC.

Better than nothing! This is a REPRODUCTION, FAKE, REPLICA, IMITATION, COUNTERFEIT, OR WHATEVER YOU MAY CALL of a 1909 Missouri (st. Louis) license plate, newly made in Thailand. It"s made of thick IRON sheet printed and coated with very thick layer of automobile grade lacquer (2K) so it provides porcelain look. It has actual size , scale 1:1.
REMARKS: All of the Repro. plates offered by me are not perfect. Whatever marks appear on the plates (if any) may be caused by printing or coating or handling or even intentionally made it happened in order to resemble plates of their ages. Therefore, please look closely by zooming before purchasing. The photo(s) are part of the descriptions.
Dear license plate collectors,
Please understand that I didn"t mean to contaminate this hobby with all these reproductions. I"m also a collector and had been an ALPCA member for almost 30 years (#4600) before I quit in 2012. I originally had these made for myself, but iron/aluminum sheet measures 4x8 ft. so more than one of each type were made in order to save cost per unit. Anyway, I normally don"t have many duplicates made, just one or two for the same number of each type. Some of the authentic plates are almost impossible to get or afford so why not having the reproductions, at least for the time being. This is what I think.
I"m well aware that many collectors especially some ALPCAns hate what I"m doing (possibly conflict of interest). But do not infringe my right and force me to stop. It won"t work as long as there are a lot of orders/requests storming in. I some cases, I have to repeat what I have produced before with different reg.numbers. This is the way I pass my time after retirement. If you don"t like it, just stay away. Don"t be rude to me as that may drive me to fight back to protect my right..... Do you want me to produce REAL porcelain enameled ones?!!!
BTW, if any one knows Tiger Boy (Joseph Sallmen), please tell him that I have an ESSO tiger flag for him (free). Contact me and pay only the postage. Sorry to use user name as tigerpl8s (my last name means TIGER FAMILY). I think tiger is not a registered trademark or copyright, is it?!!
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