Rusty Gold - Vintage 1949, 1950 & 1953 Louisiana License Plates

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“Very poor condition. Reminds us of the heavily rusted motorcycles that Mike Wolfe calls "Rusty Gold". Still, these seem useable as place cards until you find better examples and two show the original paint & finish on their back. For the collector, these seem worthwhile making available. Please see the photos for your own appraisal as YMMV.”

For Sale: Three old Louisiana license plates dating 1949, 1950 & 1953. These were either auto or boat trailer license plates. We know the source & what the estate owners had had but we do not know how to tell the difference between them. If you do, please advise.
One plate does not have the Louisiana Pelican. Was that a trailer tag or was that just the way they were? Two plates have the 19 and the two digit year number separated. One plate has the date all together. Two plates have decent original paint & finish on their backside, enough to show what the color & finish was like. I wish these were better but they are what they are.
Terms: Sold as described & strictly as is. We are not retailing but are down sizing and we do not want returns. Please make sure this is what you want before you buy.

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Sale Price: US $49.95